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AS/RS System

  • AS/RS System
  • AS/RS System
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The AS/RS System consists of assembly racking and welding racking. Complemented by passage stackers’ conveyance by system computer control system, it guarantees the fullest space utilization, can be used with Selective Racking and Cantilever Racking. Generally used when product is placed into racking without pallets.  Due primarily to safety reasons I am a big proponent of wire decking even when pallets are used. Wire decking increases worker safety, productivity, and reduces product damage.  There are other types of decking available including solid decking.  Fire inspectors generally do not like solid decking since it reduces the effectiveness


Would like to announce that we are now stocking Teguflex PU Yellow expansion beloows with pn16 flanges in australia. this means now these bellows can be available within a few days and as they are imported via sea freight in bulk they are now qenerally cheaper than  A convenient, easy to install device that will solve many engineering problems in fixed piping systems. Problems including thermal expansion, noise and vibration, water hanmer and mis alignment are all elliminated with the cinclusion of one or more of these units in most pipin systems.


Teguflex bellows are particularly suited to ship building. and marine application san have all required marine approval including dnv, abs and germanischer lloyds.




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